Salon Concert at the Resort Inn, "Wa!!"

Yumi will play as a guest performer at a solon concert at the resort inn, Wa!!" on Oct. 16, 2016. "Hommage a C.M.von Weber" by B.Kovacs and some  pieces for the clarinet and the piano will be perfomed, along with other pieces for the pianists. Placed in the countryside in the area of Kobuchizawa resort, the salon has a nice view especially enjoyable in the season of Autumn.



Recital at Kaneko Sabo

Yumi's recital will be held atKaneko Sabo on Sep. 22, 2016. Solo pieces by B.Kovacs, "Hommages" and some seasonal Japanese songs will be performed. The admission fee is 3,000 yen including neat cups of tea & coffee offered by the cafe. Please check my event page for details!

長野県諏訪市、諏訪大社上社本宮前にあるおしゃれなカフェ「金子茶房」 さんにてコンサートを行います。B.コヴァーチ作曲クラリネット・ソロのための「オマージュ」シリーズの他、秋をテーマにした日本のうた等を演奏いたしま す。入場料3,000円にて、金子茶房さんに提供していただく美味しいコーヒ&ハーブティー(おかわり自由)もお楽しみいただけます。カフェからみえる 八ヶ岳の景色とともにお聴きいただけますと幸いです♪


NY Licorice Ensemble Japan Tour 2016

NY Licorice Ensemble will be touring in Japan in July 2016.

Under the name of "Warabe uta Remix" project, we will showcase newly composed pieces using the motives from Japanese traditional children's songs, "warabe uta."

We are excited to see you in Japan in Fukuoka, Osaka, and Tokyo!





Concerto with Manchester Symphony

Yumi has appeared as a soloist on Nov.13 at Manchester Community College with Manchester Symphony.